9 Foods To Avoid If You Have Arthritis

Arthritis is basically a joint inflammation. Arthritis can affect more than one joint in the body. There are more than 50 million people in the world who are affected by arthritis. In short, arthritis is referred to more than 100 diseases related to joints. Children and adults can be affected by this disease. It has many conditions that leads to swelling in joints, pain in joints, and it may affect the range of movement.

When you have arthritis there are certain types of foods that you need to avoid in order to lessen arthritic symptoms. Some ingredients must be avoided, which could be really harmful and can worsen the symptoms of arthritis. In this article we will discuss those ingredients that can worsen the symptoms of arthritis, leading to swelling discomfort, joint pain, and worse the inflammation in joint.  Symptoms of arthritis are different for everyone.

If you want to lessen the symptoms of arthritis in your body then you have to absolutely avoid the following 9 things:

Fried Food:

Almost everyone loves to eat fried food. The amount of fried food consumption differs from person to person, culture to culter. For most people, eating fried food once in a while is not so bad for their health but for those who have arthritis, this can increase their joint inflammation and joint discomfort.

Fried food may lead to many diseases like heart disease, leads to diabetes, kidney failure, and aslo inflammation which is the main cause of arthritis. There are many researches which suggest that decrease the amount of eating fried food can be very beneficial for your health. It may lead to reduce the inflammation in your body and good for the health of bones.

Corn Oil:

If you love to eat bake goods from a bakery then you may see arthritic flareups. It affects the health of bones and joints. Because there is a high amount of corn oil in bakery products that can trigger the inflammation of joints.

Before you eat something then you must have a look at the ingredients of that product. If you suffer from arthritis then you must avoid eating that product, especially corn oil. Use olive oil instead which has omega3 fats.


As we all know, cigarettes are very dangerous for our overall health. It is more worse for people who are affected by arthritis. Cigarettes are also a cause of inflammation in joints that is one of the biggest problems for arthritis affected people. More than 30 million Americans are using cigarettes in their daily routine.

If it is difficult for you to quit the use of cigarettes for the health of your lungs, then you have to quit it for the health of your bones, especially if you are affected by the arthritis disease. A research found that those who smoke cigarettes are more at the risk of rheumatoid arthritis, a type of arthritis, than those who are not using the cigarettes.


If you like eating sweets from time to time, it is not that harmful to your health. But if you add this in your diet on a daily basis then it could create a problem for your bones.

If you are addicted to high sugar sweets like candies then this could lead to having problems such as diabetes, unhealthy teeth, and cell deficiency. It can also be a cause of joints inflammation.

High sugar products increase the level of uric acid in your body which would worsen the symptoms of arthritis and also become the reason for developing the new ones.

Preservatives And Salt:

If you are affected with arthritis then you have to avoid the use of salt in your daily diets. Products with high salt and preservatives must be avoided because it may lead to an increase in the inflammation rate in joints.

Dairy Products:

If you have arthritis then you need to avoid  dairy products. If you have joint problems then you have to cut off the use of cheese and milk products.

For most of people, the dairy product could be harmful to arthritis and joint pain because it contains a large number of proteins that may flare up arthritic symptoms. 


We all know that fats are very harmful to the health of the body.  Trans- fats  is at the top of the list of foods to avoid. Trans-fat can be a cause of inflammation and pain in joints.  It affects your joints’ health and leads to chronic conditions in arthritis.

Snacks and fried foods includes a large number of trans-fats, which is not good for your health. A study conducted at Harvard Medical School related to trans -fats, which stated that there is no measurement for the safe consumption of trans fats. So if you want to live a healthy life you have to avoid the foods that included trans -fats.

Mono-Sodium Glutamate :

Monosodium glutamate (MSG) plays a very important role in the inflammation and pain in the joints. Foods that include sodium glutamate acid naturally are cheese, grapes, tomatoes, and mushrooms. MSG is used to add a flavor in foods, it is not beneficial for the health of the body.

MSG is mostly used in Asian sauces and cuisine. Most of the chefs used it in soups, deli meat, and salad dressings to enhance the flavor of foods. If you are suffering from arthritis then you have to avoid MSG.

Refined Carbs:

The usage of carbohydrates is not harmful to the body. It is not the reason for inflammation in the body but the usage of refined carbs is harmful to arthritis patients. Products including refined carbs bread, rice, and potatoes can be a cause of inflammation in the joints.

Refines carbs foods also increase the risk of obesity. If you want to live a healthy life then do yourself a favor for your health, try to eat wholegrain food. It will reduce the risk of obesity and also pain and inflammation in joints.

Alcoholic Products:

If you have an alcoholic drink from time to time then it may not be harmful to your health. But if you are drinking daily then it will be affected your health especially if you are suffering from unhealthy joints conditions like arthritis disease.  

Everybody knows that the use of alcoholic products can be a cause of damage to your liver. If the liver will not work properly then it could lead to joints inflammation and pain.


If you have arthritis, you suffer from joint pains probably for the rest of your life and it will only get worst as you age. There are many medications to get relief from discomfort and pain. You can also get relief by avoiding the foods and ingredients that are harmful to arthritis.

The list of foods to avoid  increases the risk of inflammation in joints for those who suffer from arthritis. Everything from cigarettes, trans- fats, dairy products are harmful for joints inflammation. If you avoid eating these harmful foods and then you will see the difference in your health.