Famous People Who Are Dyslexic

Dyslexia is a common disorder associated with the struggle in reading. Due to lack of awareness, people don’t have much knowledge about Dyslexia and how it impacts the whole lives of people who have this disorder. Moreover, it is not even easy for diagnosticians and doctors to identify this disease. Some researches and experiments have yielded some results in the form of few effective treatments. Adults can also benefit from these treatments.

We can find many popular names in the history who suffered from dyslexia. Some of these names might surprise you as they are considered among the most intelligent people on the planet like Albert Einstein. This proves the fact that a person with Dyslexia should not be held back by it and they can excel in life. Find out who these famous people who have been diagnosed with Dyslexia are.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston is famous around the world for her role as Rachel in Friends. According to Jennifer herself, she had no idea about her condition and had only wondered about difficulty she faced in reading.

After her diagnosis, she got the answer of why she was always the clown of the class. Moreover, she said that her Dyslexia was the explanation of all of her childhood traumatic experiences and tragedies.

Patrick Dempsey

Patrick Dempsey thought he was dumb until at age 12, he was diagnosed dyslexia. Dr. McDreamy from Grey Anantomy has always had troubled reading but especially scripts. Though he has a learning disability, he believes it gives him the will to never give it, makes him work harder and has made him who he is today.

Steven Spielberg

Until the age of 60, Steven Spielberg was unaware that he had Dyslexia. He had always struggled in school and was bullied as a kid. Steven is a college dropout who has used the magic of cinema to express himself and create renowned movies. One of his most famous movies, The Goonies, was based on his experiences as a nerdy teen.

Whoopi Goldberg

Goldberg was bullied by the kids at her school and called names for being slow in studies. Her condition was diagnosed after she dropped out of school. Since then the multi-talented co-host of the show The View has earned a ton of honors and went on to achieve so much, including the rarest combination of having won all of the major awards, popularly known as EGOT.

Tom Cruise

At 7 years old, Tom Cruise was diagnosed with dyslexia. The inability to read properly made him easily frustrated and angry for most of this life and by the time he graduated high school in 1980, he was labeled “functionally illiterate.” The Mission Impossible franchised action hero said that he credits Scientology to teaching him how to read better as an adult.


Cher, the Oscar-winning actress, and a renowned singer, faces immense trouble as a kid in her studies because of dyslexia. She did not know about her condition until later in her life when she took her child to get an evaluation of thinking and learning differences. In her autobiography “The First Time” she wrote about having these learning differences. She said that she was never fast enough to read or get her homework done. She could not understand mathematics due to her learning difficulties.

Octavia Spencer

The well-acclaimed actress is an Academy-Award and Golden Globe winner for her brilliant acting skills. Coming from her own experience of being a dyslexic child and how difficult it is for some children to read, she has started to write children’s books. In an interview, she recalled how scared she used to be whenever she was asked to read out loud in class. She has always emphasized upon the fact that people with Dyslexia should not be afraid to follow their dreams. However, she stresses that dyslexia shouldn’t prevent kids from chasing their dreams.

Henry Winkler

The star of the The Happy Days, Henry Winkler, better known as “The Fonz,” has confessed that he had trouble reading the scripts, so he had to improvise on the set all the time. This actor-turned-author says dyslexia has taught him kindness, and allowed him to understand and connect with different people.

Muhammad Ali

The world-renowned heavyweight boxer could hardly read because he had extreme dyslexia. Still, the legendary boxer was well-spoken and a brilliant wordsmith. Till this date, he is quoted all around the world. Some of his most famous quotes encourages people to dream big and have a big imagination to lead a good life.

Richard Branson

The British entrepreneur was voted “The most likely to end up in prison or to be a millionaire” by his high school fellows. Now “The Virgin Group” founder is well known around the world and has introduced more than 400 corporations that includes a commercial airline, recording labels, and many other successful organizations. He also has the honor of being knighted by the Queen. Branson has described dyslexia “as a different way of thinking” and claims that it is the secret to his success.

Orlando Bloom

For most of his life Orlando Bloom was frustrated because he thought he was stupid. It wasn’t until he was diagnosed in his late teens that he had dyslexia that he had a learning disability. He admits that due to being dyslexic, he has to work three times harder in order to achieve what he has today.

John Irving

World-famous author John Irving struggled as a student due to dyslexia. Instead, he found peace in exercising and gym. He had a great talent for wrestling. That talent got him to college, but soon he started developing interest in writing. His books has always been the best-sellers and made his a famous authoer around the world.

Jay Leno

Jay Leno is the comedian and former host of The Tonight Show. Hesaid that back when he was in school, he did not have his diagnosis, people were used to say to him to sharpen up. Fortunately, he had a good teacher who told him to that he should write down the hilarious stories that he was used to share with people. He also said in an interview that he is grateful to the creative writing teacher who helped him realize his own potential.

Danny Glover

Danny Glover started his acting career in his 20s, but he wasn’t diagnosed with dyslexia up until his late 30s. He told an interviewer that not being diagnosed at an early age made him feel like he was “unworthy of learning”. He found a good way to express himself through actions, which he says provided him an improved method to express some of the feelings that were raging inside of him.

Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley has said that dyslexia made her the actress that she is today. She used to read screenplays to practice reading. The British actress was bullied and called names by other kids at school. She was diagnosed at the age of six and worked hard to overcome the difficulties in life and went on to become a straight A’s student and a world-famous celebrity with an Academy Award nomination.

Tim Tebow

Learning differences can run in the family. Former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow is an example of that. He his father and brother all have dyslexia. He was diagnosed at an early age when he was in early stages of school., He practices and learned to mitigate his struggle in reading. He has been vocal about his disorder and how he manages despite being such a big name in NFL. He hopes to spread of positivity and optimism by being open about his struggles,

Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper is one of the most celebrated anchors on CNN News. He hasn’t let Dyslexia take over his life and chose a profession that many would deem difficult for dyslexic people. Despite having dyslexia, he likes reading books and has a keen interest in literature. He has written a book as well which was a New York Times best-seller.

Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver has severe dyslexia. In an interview, he confessed that it was not until the age of 38 that he was able to read a complete book. He is a popular celebrity chef who has built a large successful business out of selling cookbooks, opening hotels, and launching cooking shows. He declared Catching Fire to be his favorite book.