17 Benefits Your Body Experiences When You Eat Bananas

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Banana is a fruit from the berry family. Who knew? It is a common fruit among us and it is mainly associated with monkeys because of their love for it. However, the nutrients and health benefits of banana cannot be over emphasized that is why it is considered one of the most powerful fruits on earth.

Some of the Top “Goodness” of bananas include:

1. Lean muscle builder

Magnesium and synthesis are the exact nutrient to relax your muscles and help it grow fine. If you do have a sore muscle or you think you are not getting a proper growth in your muscles, then bananas will be the best food for you. Banana is very rich in magnesium and that could also boost lipolysis. Taking a banana tea before bed will be a good practice.

2. Bananas are quick muscle rebuilders.

If you looking for a way to aid your muscles heal from a heavy exercise and workouts, then you will be needing potassium and banana is a good source of potassium.

3. Bananas enhances good mood

The presence of serotonin which is also called the feel good chemical in the brain helps to calm depression. Banana is rich in vitamin B9 which is also called folate. Folate helps fight depression and quickens the transportation of serotonin to the brain. The Psychiatry Journal of Indian in a study said that depression occurs when a person has a folated blood level lower than the healthy level with about 25%.

4. The feeling of stress and anxiety could be reduced.

The Healthy Simple Life RD, LD, Bjork, Cassie, said that tryptophan is a “precursor for serotonin”. This makes tryptophan an important chemical also. Tryptophan is found in banana and it can help treat mood issues, anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, aggression and irritability. The “flight or fight instinct” could be regulated by bananas because they contain norepinephrine.

5. Bananas aids good sleep.

Melatonin helps in relaxation and enhances sound sleep. Bananas are rich in melatonin and this is why it is good to eat at least a finger of banana before going to bed.

6. Eating bananas will help keep your blood pressure in check.

FDA had said that the summation of high potassium and a low sodium helps lowers blood pressure and also reduce the risk of having stroke for every individual. Fortunately, bananas are packed with high potassium but are low sodium which makes it a food for all. FDA also acknowledges that banana can reduce blood pressure, lowers the risk of stroke and heart attack.

7. If you want to get less bloated, eat bananas.

Studies have shown that eating of bananas twice a day as a snack before meal for about 60days by women could help reduce the bloating of the belly by about 50 %. This is because bananas are very rich in potassium which reduces retention of fluid and also aids the bacteria that fights bloat in the stomach. You can fight against water and gas retention by making bananas your food.

8. Bananas help you feel fuller.

Bananas are packed with resistant starch that slows digestion process and it aids the good bacteria gut. Replacing about 5 % of the daily carbohydrate with banana could help burn up after meal fat by about 30 % and this is healthy because it helps check indigestion. It will be a good idea adding bananas to your weight loss food.

9. Bananas are good food for minimizing cholesterol level.

Bananas contain phytosterols and vitamin B6. Phytosterols helps fight bad cholesterol which we may get by eating fast foods. Eating bananas after a fast food could be a way to make sure that bad cholesterol (LDL) does not stay in your body. Also, vitamin B6 is perfect for all round body health like the heart health among others.

10. It enhances the health of your digestive system.

Bananas aid digestion because they are good rich in prebiotics. They contain an accumulation of molecules fructose which improves gastrointestinal health. They are known as fructooligosaccharides.

11. Bananas aids good bowel movement.

The fibers contained in bananas are very essential for good bowl movement. For kids, it might not always be easy to pass their waste but with the help of insoluble fiber of about three grams, this could be achieved seamlessly and banana is a good source for that fiber. Isabel Smith, MS RD CDN, founder of Isabel Smith Nutrition said “If anyone is having diarrhea, bananas are very good for them because of it high content of probiotics”.

12. A healthy bone may be enhanced by eating bananas.

With the assistance of prebiotic fructooligosaccharides contained in bananas, the body can easily absorb enough calcium it needs for healthier and stronger bone.  However, banana on its own does not contain much calcium and may not be the best food for a healthy bone, but the presence of prebiotic fructooligosaccharides makes the difference.

13. Banana’s sugar is a great source of getting energy.

Bananas are glucose rich in which are easily digestible sugar and most effective for energy provision. This is why marathoners eat banana before and after their race. This is also a good practice to add banana to your work out food.

14. Bananas may aid in the fight against some diseases.

Bananas contains beta-carotene and other pro-vitamins which are different types of carotenoids the body can convert to vitamin A to help fight diseases. An article in a nutrition bulletin says that these carotenoids could be helpful in the fight and prevention of some chronic diseases like cardiovascular diseases, cancer among others. It will be good to mention that bananas have less vitamin A which is known to be the disease fighting vitamin.

15. Good vision and healthy eyes may be gained from eating bananas.

Smith said, “those vitamins A and C contained in banana are both good for the eye and are antioxidants”. Vitamin E and lutein are also found in banana. Again, the beta carotene found in banana is an antioxidant which protects cells and help repair damaged ones.

16. Burn your body fat by eating bananas.

If you take alcohol frequently, then bananas should be your best food if you want to keep bloat belly in check. Bananas contain choline, a vitamin which helps in burning fat. It acts on the fat storage genes in the stomach. 

17.  Bananas help in detoxifying the body because it contains pectin.

Study in Forsch Komplementärmed has stated that “With the help of citrus pectin in 24hours, mercury can be excreted through urine”. Bananas are rich in pectin. Pectin can help regulate the blood sugar, it can regular the amount of fats absorb by your body cells and much more. The chemical in banana helps detoxify the body and flush out toxic components in the blood through urine.

Bjork said that, “eating protein with bananas may help keep blood sugar in check and maintain a steady energy level while losing excess weight or burning fat”.

Source: National Institute of Health (NIH) / Federal Drug Administration (FDA)