17 Benefits Your Body Experiences When You Eat Bananas

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You can reduce your weight, fight cancer, enhance your energy, and fight bloat and more with $0.19 per banana. When we say we have a tool that can aid you lose excess weight, fight cancer, enhance your energy and reduce bloat, all for just a few cents and you can grab and go because each comes with its own carrying case. You simply will say “we are bananas about bananas” and you will be right!

Banana is a fruit from the berry family. Who knew? It is a common fruit among us and it is mainly associated with monkeys because of their love for it. However, the nutrients and health benefits of banana cannot be over emphasized that is why it is considered one of the most powerful fruits on earth.

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Some of the Top “Goodness” of bananas include:

1. Lean muscle builder

Magnesium and synthesis are the exact nutrient to relax your muscles and help it grow fine. If you do have a sore muscle or you think you are not getting a proper growth in your muscles, then bananas will be the best food for you. Banana is very rich in magnesium and that could also boost lipolysis. Taking a banana tea before bed will be a good practice.

2. Bananas are quick muscle rebuilders.

If you looking for a way to aid your muscles heal from a heavy exercise and workouts, then you will be needing potassium and banana is a good source of potassium.

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