20 Life-Changing Make-Up Tricks for Older Women

To feel and look good is every woman’s birthright regardless of their age…no? And, why shouldn’t they as nowadays nothing is impossible. But apart from staying fit and slim, an essential part of looking good is to appear presentable. This largely depends upon how you apply makeup.

Makeup can completely transform your personality. As you age, it helps in boosting your self-confidence and motivation level.  Believe it or not, some tricks and techniques can make you look chic, youthful, and fresh, regardless of age. Today, we have revolutionary makeup products and tools available, and all you need to do is learn how to use them well. To help you look like a million bucks within mere minutes, we have created a list of most impactful makeup tricks you should follow after turning 40.

Always Apply Eyelids Primer Before Eye Makeup

It is a misconception that only those women who have oily eyelids need a primer and not everyone. Even if your eyelids aren’t oily, using a primer is a must because it reduces some visible signs of aging. Moreover, it effectively protects the eye makeup, so you look fresh all day long. The reason behind applying primer before eye makeup is that the skin around our eyes gets thinner and slightly transparent as we age. So, when you use eye shadow, it doesn’t blend well, and you end up getting uneven color tones. To prevent it from happening, always prime your eyelids.

Don’t Forget to Prime Your Face

Let’s face the fact; no matter how hard you try after you hit your 40s and 50s fine lines and wrinkles will no doubt make an appearance on your facial skin whether you want it to or not. If that’s not all, even the pores on your skin greatly enlarge during your 50s. So, when you apply makeup without using a primer first, the foundation cannot blend well into the skin due to larger pores and fine lines. That’s why professional make-up artist always emphasize applying a thin layer of thick primer to a previously moisturized skin so that the foundation glides smoothly. If you’re a minimalist, opt for just using your favorite moisturizer as a primer, it works just as well. Our staff have been loving the Anti-Aging Cream from 30Glycolic as it is loaded with peptides and hyaluronic acid… and the best part is that it doesn’t pill up when you press your foundation on.

Use Outward Movement when Applying Foundation

It is a general perception that when applying makeup, we must cover the full face. However, research suggests that full coverage may leave some fine lines and other signs of aging. Experts claim that women starting in their 40s and 50s should start applying makeup from the center of their face and move their hands in the outward direction. The center of your face needs more coverage as it is the area that’s highly prone to blemishes. Always blend the foundation outward towards your ears, neck, and hairline using a flat brush to buff out harsh lines and ensure an even application.

Say Bye to Skinny Eyebrows

The era of the 1950s, 60s and 90s are long gone. Skinny eyebrows used to be a thing back then, but not anymore. Thicker, fuller eyebrows are in vogue nowadays because they instantly transform your face and make you look younger. But, for women in their 50s, there is another reason to switch to fuller eyebrows. By the time we reach our 50s, the eyebrows stop growing back because of years of tweezing and waxing. Things get worse when gray hair start sprouting, which affects your entire look pretty badly. You should always use a brow gel with and angle brow brush to make super fine strokes to emulate individual hairs to fill in your brows. However, don’t go overboard; use it in lesser opacity in an upward and outward motion. Make sure you thoroughly coat gray hair and fill all the sparse spots.

Start the Makeup from your Eyes

A majority of women start applying makeup with foundation and powder. This is the wrong approach because it causes fallout of eye shadow. When you do eye makeup, small particles of eye shadow fall on your face and land under the eyes, called fallout. These particles may even reach your cheeks, which could mess up your entire look. When this happens, your face looks darker, and the shadow under your eyes creates the look of under eye circles. Those wrinkles and fine lines you so artistically covered with the foundation would become more prominent because of the shadow particles. We suggest you apply eye shadow first, wait for a few minutes, clean your face, and then apply face makeup.

Change Your Eyeliner Style

When you are in your 20s, eyeliner, especially liquid eyeliners can easily glide across the eyelids, creating a precise and sharp line. However, in your 50s, getting the same effect would be difficult because wrinkles make your eyelids hooded. So, it becomes too difficult to swipe the eyeliner smoothly across the eyelid. Opt for a soft pencil eyeliner and you should dot a pencil along the upper lash line and use a pencil sponge to smudge the dots properly. This will give you a natural and soft look that will accentuate your eyelashes.

Avoid the Face Powder

No matter how compelled you are to touch up your face now and then, in your 50s, that’s strictly forbidden. In fact, you should give away that all the face powder of yours because you just simply don’t need it anymore. The only exception is for the under eye concealer,otherwise you shouldn’t apply pressed powder on your face because it makes the skin appear dry and makes fine lines much more noticeable. It also sits on those stubborn facial hair that usually develop as we age, which creates an uneven and washed out appearance. So instead of trying to bring out your natural beauty, face powder will age you beyond your years.

Prefer a Cream Blush

If you want to have a youthful and smoother look after makeup, stay away from a powder blush in your 50s, and prefer to use a cream blush. It will add a natural and almost dew-like flush. We recommend Face Stockholm Cream Blush in Malmo. It is our favorite cream blush because it has a hint of shimmer, which makes it a multipurpose blush. You can use it on your cheeks to get that natural flush and apply on cheekbones as a highlighter.

Never Use Shimmer on Textured Skin

The notion that shimmery makeup is your ultimate gateway to get that youthful glow is not entirely wrong. However, if you have textured skin, using shimmer makeup is a huge mistake. Textures skin is one that contains acne scars, blemishes, or wrinkles.  If you think that using shimmer products will cover the textured surface, you are mistaken because it will do the opposite. Shimmer will further enhance the texture rather than create a smoother, youthful look.

Skip Plum Tones and Stick to Taupe

Plum or purple tones undoubtedly look great on your eyelids. Many consider these the ideal shades for a glam fall look. However, you may not know that after the 50s, plum or purple shades can be disastrous for your overall appearance. That’s because purple tones create a bruised look and needlessly enhance dark circles. There is only one exception, if you have brown or dark brown eyes, you can use light shades of plum to enhance the brown pigments of your eyes. If you do use light shades of plum make sure to add some neutrals and compliment the color and bring out eh beauty of brown eyes. Remember, less is more when you are in your 50s and older.

Neutrals Are Your Best Bet

You don’t have to create a dramatic look all the time to look gorgeous. For women over 50, experimentation is the key because there are so many different shades to try on. You no longer need to stick to darker hues, opt for natural tones like taupe. Also, try nude lips sometimes to feel the difference it creates on your face. The problem is that when we touch the 50s, we become too conscious about those signs of aging. Hence, we prefer using dark shades to cover fine lines. There’s no need to hide anything, just be comfortable in your skin and you’ll ooze confidence and glow without even trying.

Ditch Mattes

Many women believe that a shimmery look can draw unnecessary attention to those facial parts with wrinkles or fine lines. Although that’s not entirely false, this certainly doesn’t mean going all matte every day. In fact, we suggest that you should avoid an all-matte look most of the time. If you are confused between shimmer and matte, go for sheen. With sheen, we mean that you should opt for a natural flow instead of loading up on products that reflect light or glitter.

Setting Spray is a Must to Lock your Look

Due to the naturally occurring changes to your skin as you age, makeup tends to fade much quicker than it used to about a decade back. Thankfully, we now have a makeup setting spray that keeps your makeup fresh and makes your face look radiant for hours. If you want that dewy looking skin, then use a moisturizing setting spray.

Line the Waterline For Bigger Eyes

Who doesn’t want bigger and brighter looking eyes? We all want them, and with this trick, you can easily make your eyes appear more prominent. All you need is an eyeliner. From now on, start lining your waterline, which is the visible area of your lower lid, you’ll notice a huge difference. Makeup artists swear by this trick. Always line the waterline before lashes and use a nude shadow for the line. Your eyes will instantly look bigger and awake. You can also apply matte nude shade in the inner corners of your eyes to make them look brighter. The best way to do it correctly is to stand back from the mirror before applying the line. This trick is best for young, mature, light skin, dark skin and everything in between.

Use Simpler Eye shadow

Nobody is asking you to ditch that incredible cat-eye look entirely. But once you enter the 50s, try adopting a less is more approach to make the most of your makeup. Opt for a classic style and use softer eye shades. You need to stop going by the trends and do what looks best on you. Neon shades may be the latest trend, but it won’t suit you. At 50, you must adopt a sophisticated look that you can easily create using mauve, violet, and peach.

Use a Lip Liner Generously

The thing with aging is that it causes too many changes on our face. It becomes challenging to keep track of what to cover and what to leave. The lines around the mouth area become too noticeable as we age, so you’ll notice that lipstick quickly settles around this area. This doesn’t look good at all. The simple solution to prevent the accumulation of lipstick around the mouth is to use a lip liner. It will help in defining your lips and keep the lipstick where it’s supposed to be.

Avoid Highlighting Your Cheekbones


We know it is the most exciting makeup trend these days, but that’s not the trend you should be following. Highlighting your cheekbones may have added a decent glow to your face a decade or two earlier, but after the 50s, it will not do justice to your looks. Using a highlighter on your cheeks will draw undesired attention to sagging or wrinkled areas on your face. It happens because the shimmer emphasizes the area where you apply it. Therefore, be cautious when using highlighters.

Apply Facial Oil for that Dewy Look

The dewy face looks great at every age. There’s simply no way you should compromise upon that ultra-gorgeous dewy look on your face. The ideal way to achieve it is by using a facial oil. Just a little amount of facial oil can do wonders for your look. Press it onto your cheekbones instead of using a highlighter and see how it creates a fantastic glow. It also can help you cover the signs of aging and keep your skin hydrated.

Lip Balm is your True BFF

From high-school days to right through your 50s, the one product that will always help you accentuate your looks is a lip balm. As you enter your 50s, you need to prepare your skin for makeup in the best possible way. So, start using lip balm before applying lipstick. It will make your lips look fuller, plumper, and youthful.

Adopt Good Skincare Routine

You may spend thousands of dollars on high-end makeup products, however if you don’t take care of your skin, it’s impossible to create the desired look. Good skin is everything. When the canvas is not healthy and smooth, no amount of make-up will make you look good. When you hit your 50s, it becomes all the more important to care for your skin and adopt a great skincare regime. When your skin is healthy and hydrated, you’ll appear youthful even without makeup. Always remember that good makeup requires good skin. So, do incorporate a comprehensive skincare routine starting from cleansing to moisturizing, and nighttime serum. Prefer a moisturizer that contains sun protection, peptides, hyaluronic acid, and vitamins. These elements help to make your skin firmer and plumper. Our staff is can’t get enough Peel-On-the Go kit wear the night cream has the perfect amount of glycolic acid that makes peeling the top dead layer of your skin simple to give you a brighter and smooth skin literally overnight!