Secrets To Happiness Revealed by Harvard Study

A well-known Psychiatrist Robert Waldinger defined several secrets of happiness, recently released in Harvard study.

Humans can not live without affection and love from their loved ones. The point of fact is, we all must give value to the love of others above all the material things. Because this is the most important thing that makes us happy. Everyone wants to live a life full of happiness, and the secret to happiness is also the secret that leads to a fulfilling and long life. Happiness is a state of well-being that encompasses living a good life.

The following are the secrets of happiness for living a fulfilling and long life:

Happiness is love. Full stop.

A psychiatrist, George Vaillant who researched from 1972 to 2004, found thatan important topic of love and happiness is related to humor. He stated that “he spent about 20 million dollars and 75 years of his life, just to get a five words conclusion of the “love and happiness relation”. He concluded his research in only five words that are” Happiness is love. Full stop”.

His researched based on two sets of white men,  268 Sophomores of Harvard were the part of this research named “Grant Study”. This study was conducted by Psychiatrist George Vaillant and his team included 456 school boys whose age was 12 to 16 years old.

The team of researchers made a survey on the men about their relationships, health, and jobs based on 75 years.  And they found that relationships are the most important thing in human life to bring happiness and joy. Love from this relationship makes us happiest and joyous life.

We can conclude this research based on seven decades of data on the result that, to a certain extent it is quite simple that relationships with your parents, siblings, children, spouses, and friends put an important impact on your happiness and health in old age.

But on the other hand, it is also the more complicated thing than brings happiness.

Close Relationships

In this research, the men who had a good relationship with their parents, spouse, children, and other relations, led a happier and spent a healthier life than those men who were not social and not good in their relationships.

The men who are more social to their relations were lived a long healthy life. On the other hand, the men who passed their time lonely and not social found more health-related issues and they were unhappy in their life. These men were also found in mental health issues and suffered from sleep disorders.

Childhood Relationship with Your Mother

In this Grant Study, it was also observed that the men who had a closest and warm relationship with their mother in childhood would not be affected by the disease named Dementia in their lifetime. These men become more professional and spent a happier life than those who didn’t have a good relationship with their mother.

Quality of Relationships, NOT Quantity

No doubt,  to live happier and healthy life relationships are at the top of all factors. But to stay in a relationship that is only miserable would never make you happy. A study stated that people who live alone are happier than those who are spending an unstable and high conflict relation with their partner.

Research shows that people make more friends at their age of 20s. The research revealed that those who had a large number of friends did not mean that they were happy in their relations than to those people who had only a few friends. The quality of friends matters more than the quantity of friends for having a happier life.

Stable, Supportive Marriages

Stay connected and staying faithful to a person you love, is not only promoted a better and happy life, but it also helps to maintain your mental health. The people who would never been separated or divorced until the age of 50 years, they performed better in their life and have good mental health than those who were not stable and supportive marriages.

Most of the relationships in which the number of people develops the greatest improvement in well beings are associated with a good relationship with your partner.

An author of Harvard Grant Study George Valliant stated in his research about the important factors that are required to live a happy life is a supportive and stable marriage.

A Happy Marriage/Relationship With Your Partner

A successful marriage is one of the most important factors that is strongly associated with happiness. Good relationships with your partner make you happier because a faithful and loving relationship would be a basic need for humans.

Most of the researches linked a happy marriage to lowering the risk of dementia. But it would be more surprising for you that most people think that working hard and become wealthy are the key factors of happiness in life. But this Grant study turns it out that things to whom we consider the key of happier are simpler than most of the people assume.

Relationships In General

A Harvard study based on 75 years stated that to bring happiness in your life all the factors that are involved in it, relationships with your family and friends and with the community are on top.

In careers, maintaining a good connection with community and colleagues are more meaningful than achieving success and wealth. This is the only thing that enlightened happiness in our lives.

Enhancing good social relationships will helps you to bring happiness in your life. There is a  positive psychology consensus that revealed that the quality, depth, and number of relationships have the highest impact of happiness on people’s lives.

Secrets of Happiness

Living a happy life leads to healthy perks also. A research stated that if a person lives a life full of happiness, it may improve physical health, improvement in fulfillment and positivity which leads to heart health, improves inflammation system, blood pressure, immune system, and other health-related issues. We can say that happiness has been linked to a longer life span as well as to get quality life.

Most of the time, peoples think that what are the things that make them happy, than they focus on the things for whom they are feeling a powerful desire to get that thing.  The things might be the consumable things or it might be the intangible things that have not any physical appearance like true love, affection, inner peace, time, etc.

Many researchers found that humans from every corner in the world are rated happiness higher than other desirable things, like becoming wealthy, spend a luxurious life, getting into heaven and obtaining material things.

It is very easy for many of us to think about the list of things that we want from the world must give us, than the thought that what we must give back to the world.

It’s not an amazing thing that most of us seem to have many things in our lives, and still, we desire to have many more things. For those things, we believe that from these things we can feel more better and happy, it is about relations that what others think about us or feel for us.