Treatments for Chronic Dry Eye

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Dry Eye is a condition when one’s eyes cannot produce enough of tears, and often last for only a for a short while. However, if the condition persists over an extended period of time, it is termed as “Chronic Dry Eye”, chronic meaning something that is ongoing.

The there are numerous reasons for chronic dry eye—inflammation, anxiety, or excessive evaporation of tears, etc. The signs and symptoms may not be obvious, but most of the symptoms tend to remain, never fading completely. Find out what causes chronic dry eyes and what you can do about it to end the misery.

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Our Tear System

To start, let’s have a look at what’s really in our eyes:

  • Water—for keeping the eyes wet and moist
  • Oils—to act as lubricant and to prevent excessive evaporation of the fluid
  • Mucus—spread throughout the eye
  • Antibodies and special proteins—a part of our immune system to keep foreign material away, keeping our eyes safe.

These components are secreted by special glands that surround our eyes. Dry eyes might mean that these glands aren’t working properly, or (worst case scenario) the system may be dysfunctional.

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