25 Gorgeously Decent Hairstyles for Older Women

Remember that first impression are usually the last impressions too. So, it’s not just your clothing and makeup that makes you look attractive; your hairstyle and hair color choice also play a vital role. We all know how rapidly styles and trends change. As you grow older, you need something that is trendy yet doesn’t give the impression that you’re trying too hard to look young.

Women in their 50s usually don’t have the patience for trial and error, so they look for something that best suits their age. But, we say that there’s nothing wrong with being experimental. Therefore, we have jotted down 25 best hairstyles that will up your hair game.

Whether you have short, medium, or long hair, there’s a style that will perfectly suit you. So, why waste any more time? Let’s begin the slideshow.

Bob with Natural Curls and Bangs

If you have wavy hair, this haircut will be the best option for you as it adds volume to your hair. A bob cut is never out of fashion, and you can flaunt your hair’s naturally curly texture the best with this style. This cut will give you a cute and feminine look as the bangs will perfectly frame your face and cover fine lines entirely. You can style hair in so many different ways, such as hairpins and clips or a headband. The hair look is effortless, as it does not require much effort when styling your hair and you look youthful. 

Multi-Layer Pixie

We all know the insecurities a woman feels when she crosses middle age or reaches her forties. But those days are long gone when women were forced to spend hours in the salon just to get their hair right. Have a look at this cut. This brunette pixie hides away the greying hair while giving a modern and chic appearance. The bangs can be styled to your preference and face structure, add a bit of jewelry, and you’re good to go.

Pixie Haircut with Waves

The short wavy pixie cut is another hairstyle for women above 40s and 50s. Playing with textures is always the best strategy when you have very short hair. If you have naturally wavy or curly hair and short hair, you don’t need to do much to your hair at all, as this is the perfect combo for any age and any time. As there are not many ways you can style your hair if it is too short, this haircut is a great choice. It screams elegance while being simple. You may need a bit of hairspray to get the best look for every occasion.

Highlighting the Shag

This hairstyle does not fit every hair type; it works best with thick and wavy hair. So, if you have such hair, consider yourself lucky. Highlights are a must for this haircut to create the perfect look. There are many layers in the hairstyle, so the bangs cover your forehead and ears. The look is best paired with dangly earrings and bold eye shadow. Many Hollywood actresses wear this hairstyle as it gives them a trendy look instantly.

Pink Hair with Undercut

You don’t need to hesitate from experimenting with unusual hair color, as this is currently the hottest trend in the entertainment industry. Nowadays, you can find everything ranging from hair colors to hair sprays to style your hair. So, go all out with hair colors. You can choose from several permanent options that hair salons provide. For greying hair, pastel pink highlights offer the perfect cover. Hair at the front is longer, and the back and sides are relatively shorter. This haircut alone is enough for glam and does not need any support from makeup or jewelry.

Messy Flipped Out Bob with Chocolaty Hue

For shorter hair, nothing can be as good as a cropped cut. Bob is the ideal cut to not only give yourself a naturally youthful look but appear taller and smarter. In this hairstyle, the layers increase the hair’s volume so naturally. Given the short length and lipped layers that neatly frame your face and chin, it can easily be termed the perfect everyday look. This style is enough on its own; accessorizing is not needed with this look. However, only a professional hairstylist can create this hairstyle.

Choppy Layers with Medium Length

This style is every Hollywood A-lister’s go-to red carpet look. The hairstyle gives you a vibrant and natural look and complements all face shapes. In this choppy cut, the hair is usually left longer below your shoulders, while cut unevenly at the tips. Brown and blonde accents are added to finalize the look. This style works well with semi-casual dressing. It’s the “I just rolled out of bed” looking perfect look.

Lightly Layered Cut

Medium-length hair can be styled in many ways like a ponytail, a bun, or left open. This hairstyle is extremely convenient for women over the 50s as it is always in trend and goes with every skin tone. How the haircut turns out is based on the texture and your face cut. Layers should outline your face from the front and can be brought down on your angle of liking. Many hair tools can be used to create glamorous looks or you can simply leave it stick straight and it will still look well groomed.

Feathered Bob with Bangs


Females love a feathered bob no matter what the age. Almost every actress in her 40s, 50s and beyond has sported this cut with various hair colors and highlights. Some love it bangs and other go for the all seemingly one length look. In feathered bob, your hair is cut short so that they splatter at the tip. This style is often coupled with bangs on the side of your forehead. It gives the illusion of feathers on top of your head. This style can be worn every day and is low maintenance. This look suits women who are shorter in height as it accentuates their neck and makes them appear tall.

Layered Pixie and Bangs

We have got another haircut for thick-haired ladies. This haircut requires the hair to be only three to four inches long. The ultimate glamorous look can be easily achieved with textured bangs. Someone without the knowledge of hair might call it a mix between a pixie cut and messy hair. It is an all-rounder, we say. Why? Because it works with all kinds of attire. Embrace your natural greys or just add a bit of blonde or any light color to the ends if you have naturally dark hair to give it more of an oomph.

Haircut with Bangs

This our personal favorite. If you are dealing with the problem of thinning hair, as it generally happens when you enter your 50s, this style is ideal for you. Or if you have naturally thin and fine hair, you can benefit from this cut even then. The hair on the front is cut till your eyebrows, and the rest are mid-length bangs. Many Hollywood divas prefer this look to appear youthful, vibrant, and glamorous. Many different hairstyles can be made in this haircut like buns and beach waves.

That Short Blonde Bob

If you want to look classy, this look is for you. 

It gives your face a soft appearance, which is perfect for older women. Our hair’s quality and texture change as we grow old as we lose thickness and color. But, there’s no need to feel shy about those grey strands as you can easily cover them with this blonde bob. The layers enhance the volume and natural texture of your hair while the blonde shade enhances your gorgeous features. It is an ideal option for squared and round faces as it gives an attractive finish to your jawline. Your entire face remains the center of attraction with this bob.

Shoulder High Bob

This look gives you the best idea to carry grey hair. The ash grey bangs get darker at the bottom, which emphasizes the grey even more. The sleek cut adds youthfulness to the face. The mid-length bob focuses on the right features hiding away the lines around your neck while bringing your collar bones into the spotlight. If your hair is greying and you don’t want to dye them, then this look is what you should choose.

Soft Curled Bob with Blonde Highlights

Shoulder length bobs can be styled in many various ways, and this another one of them. This haircut shifts the focus to your clavicles, collarbones, and eyes, giving a beautiful semblance. If you have straight and thin hair, you just have to create soft curls to finish the look. This hairstyle creates a messy look, which makes your hair instantly voluminous, and you look youthful. The bob compliments all face types, and the side part looks great in this cut.

Being Natural Being You

A short haircut is not necessarily the only option aging women have, even if it feels that way. If your hair has volume and a nice texture, you just need some grooming to look fresh and young. You can get a trim, with some new highlights and look as fresh as ever. Tones of brown with the added curls make the medium length hair look mesmerizing. There is no need to create a parting in your hair as it will look trendier this way.

Slay the All-Natural Look

A trend that remains timeless till date is the all-natural style. From makeup to hairstyle, keeping it all-natural is a fantastic way to look young in a sophisticated manner. As they say, less is more; sometimes, not doing a lot with your hair is creates the best look. Especially if you have thick and shiny hair, you’ll look much more gorgeous and stylish by just letting your hair as they are, without blow-drying or curling. Whether you have naturally curly or straight hair, please make the most of their raw appeal and give yourself a bold look without much ado. You may use hairspray or styling gel to keep your hair manageable.

Crop it Up

If you want to look gorgeous effortlessly, try this pixie inspired haircut. This short and cropped haircut adds multiple layers to create a voluminous look. The layers are cut in a way to create more angles and make your hair look longer and fuller. Interestingly, this haircut will suit almost all face cuts. This cut is all about aging gorgeously. It adds an unusual kind of chicness and youth to your overall appearance. The blonde shade with brownish roots complements this haircut perfectly…no?

Flaunt the Bob

In your 40s and 50s, women should try to emphasize the natural texture of hair, instead of opting for straightening or perming. Even when choosing the hairstyle, you should consider your hair texture and type first and then select the perfect look. By the way, you can rock almost every hairstyle in old age. It’s all about what sort of hair you have that should ultimately help you make the decision. For instance, thinning hair is a common problem that women face in old age. So, to make your hair look thicker, go for a bob cut. For fine hair, a strong bob is the best option.

Feel Young to Look Young

Who says hair accessories are just for baby girls? You can also pull them off. After all, it’s all about feeling young at heart. Always remember that to look young, you have to feel young first and be bold enough to try versatile hairstyles. Look how chic and youthful she looks with those curls, dark brown hair, side partition, and the gorgeous headband. Be comfortable in your skin and stop trying too desperately to look young to naturally appear glowing and beautiful.

Sleek Ponytail ponying 

If you have long hair, you will rock that sleek, high ponytail. It not only accentuates your facial features almost instantly but also gives your entire look a uniquely youthful appeal. The thing about a high ponytail is that it completely transforms your look for the better. It adds that all-important feminine touch. With a brownish dye, this hairstyle looks even more gorgeous. Believe it or not, ponytails are much more than a way to keep your hair neatly tied up. It makes you look taller, and your hair appear thicker. If you have a narrow forehead, this is the ideal style for your hair.

Stop Hiding the Greys

Don’t hesitate to show off your real self. We know that flaunting grey hair is not going to be easy, but there’s no harm in being low-maintenance once in a while. Also, it gives you the much-needed confidence to be comfortable with your age. There’s no need to spend hours to ace that perfect hairstyle and keep thinking about the best hair dye to complement your complexion. If you go for a short bob, your grey hair won’t even be visible. Short bobs help your hair appear healthier and thicker. So, try this look with the middle partition and see the difference.

Bang-on Bangs

Adding bangs to your hairstyle is another cool way to take a few years off your age. Bangs never go out of fashion and complement all face shapes. The best thing is that you can easily cover those fine lines on your forehead with bangs and look chic and sexy effortlessly. However, bangs are the trickiest of all haircuts because your entire look will ruin if done wrong. So, always do proper research and go for a length that suits your face cut the most. Bangs also look great with short bobs.

Low-maintenance Haircut

Short hair will always be your go-to haircut, no matter your age, face cut, or skin tone. We call short hair the simple haircuts because these are manageable and make you look younger. It is so easy to style short hair. You can blow dry or curl them quickly, or just let them be on their own. If you want a neat bun, just combine them backward, and you are done. Try blonde hair color to add to the gracefulness that this haircut gives your overall look and appearance.

Neck Length Waves

It is always a difficult decision to determine the length of waves. But you won’t find it difficult anymore because we’ve researched for you. Keep the waves neither too short and high nor too long to create the perfect look. Go for neck length cut, and don’t forget to add texture through waves. This combo will make you look glamorous and ready for any kind of activity, from formal dinners to casual outings. A side or center partition is all you need to do to get prepared for the party.

Gorgeous Long Waves

If you want to transform your look without sacrificing your beautiful long hair, go for a wavy look. A layered cut will be the best option to keep your hair length intact while adding volume and vivacity to the hair. Create loose waves with a curler to give your hair the perfect party look within a few minutes. Try adding some color with blonde highlights if your hair is dark to make them look trendier. There’s something about having some soft highlights added to brown hair that gives it that fresh beach wavy look.