Facts About Migraines Few Know About

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Many factors can cause migraine, but the exact cause of migraine is yet to be explained by doctors and healthcare practitioners.

Here are some of the possible causes of migraine:

  • alcohol
  • medication overuse
  • lights and sounds
  • stress
  • jet lag and lack of sleep
  • hunger or dehydration
  • foods
  • additives
  • caffeine
  • weather
  • female hormones
  • physical activity
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According to the 2008 Brazilian study, alcohol triggers migraine in about 1/3 of people. It is also shown that red wine is likely to trigger migraine faster than white wine as the result shows 19.5 percent trigger in both men and women for red wine and 10.5 percent trigger in both men and women for white wine. Furthermore, the study also shows that red wine triggers migraine in women more than it does to men as the result shows 8 percent for men and 22 percent for women.

Medication overuse

There is no right time to overuse any type of medication but it is more dangerous to over use analgesics and painkiller as because its abuse may cause chronic migraine. The overuse of medications like butalbital, opioids and its likes such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) may actually bring about regular migraine.

Analgesics and painkiller are very   effective for the treatment of headache and migraine but its overuse may cause more harm than good. So whenever the adverse effect id noticed, discontinuing with the medication is the necessary thing to do.

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