Father and Son Took The Same Photo For 3 Decades

The father-son relationship is a complex one. Although fatherhood is a man’s most precious stage of life, at the same time, it is the most difficult of all phases. Bringing a child into this world is easy, while supporting them in all aspects of life is a daunting task, which not many can successfully perform. Along with the domestic responsibilities and the need to maintain masculinity’s best expression is indeed a tough job. Sometimes, father and son share similar traits, interests, and hobbies. However, some father-son duo possesses opposite interests. They may not even have any connection, while some are the best of friends. Such is the nature of the father-son relationship. They learn to get along with each other at several stages in life, and friction starts when one starts trying to dominate the other.

The father-son duo we are going to introduce you to is wonderful in every sense. Today, we will discover a remarkable story of a father and a son. The charming pair took photographs of themselves in the exact same pose for over two decades. Their photo album is unique in every sense because it’s not just a collection of images but their life journey together. We can see the subtle changes that appear in their appearance and demeanor as both age together.

Are you ready to go through the most emotionally stirring and touching story of a father and son, illustrated through photos? Let’s get started. There’s a surprise waiting for you in the end!!!!


Meet Tian Li and his father, Tian Jun. Tian is one-year-old today. This photo was taken on his first birthday- a huge moment in their lives. It also marked the beginning of their photo journey. From this day onward, the duo took a photo in more or less a similar pose every year for almost the next three decades.


Time flies by rapidly, and this photo is clear proof of that. The child has grown at a super-fast speed. We can tell that he resembles his father as far as looks are concerned. Don’t you think that the child looks a lot like his father? The age difference is there for sure, but still, there’s a sharp resemblance. The child has the same eyes, nose, forehead, and smile as his father. As if he’s a mirror image of him. This photo was taken one year after the son’s first birthday, which means he’s two years old now. But, the affection and bond they share are visible even now. We are sure he’s one of the world’s best fathers because the child looks so comfortable with him.


A full year has gone by, and the son is now three. We think that he’s growing a bit too fast. Probably, he is going to be taller than his father. What do you think? And, we cannot help notice the resemblance between their looks. As the child is growing, he is becoming more and more a replica of his father. The boyish glow is already there, and the father has so much love and affection in his eyes for his son. They indeed have given us father-son goals every parent should try to adopt. We find it weird why the father keeps picturing themselves against the same, plain white background. Could it be a planned decision? Perhaps, he didn’t want anything to take the focus away from their photo. But, we are only speculating, or it could be true that they only want people to check out the changes they are going through over time rather than checking out the background.


The little boy is definitely looking happy and content in the protection of his father. He’s now four, and their bond is only getting stronger. In the earlier pictures, the child looked more attached and affectionate towards the father. But, in this photo, the father displays more closeness and affection towards the son. This photo is unique because it demonstrates how close the two are to each other and how dependent the boy is on his father. The father clearly likes to shower his son with all the love and affection in the world. Isn’t it always moving to see kids expressing unconditional love and affection to their parents? For the child, his father is the most important person in his life. The way he’s clinging on to him shows that for the child, his father is the biggest source of love and support, at least for now.


This photo forced us to believe that no love is greater than the love between a father and his son. We can see how gleeful the boy looks in this photo while resting his head on the father’s shoulder. And, what’s he holding in his hand? Is it a bird? Was it a deliberate gesture or a coincidence? Speculations aside,  when he grew older, Tian told the media that taking these photos became more like a ritual for them. He didn’t ever find it weird or burdensome. In fact, he looked forward to the day when they will take the next photo. It was like a deal that they both had, a silent pact of something like that. What do you think about this ritual? Should we all follow in their footsteps and create long-lasting memories with the ones we love?


The photos of Tian and his father teach us the significance of creating memories. Every father must remember that he is a role model for his kids, and they will eventually follow his example more than his advice. We all go through a coming of age phase, and perhaps a man goes through it after becoming a father. During this phase, we all need someone to rely on, who unconditionally believes in us. The five-year-old is now looking like a spitting image of his dad. It’s impressive to see how the duo manages to take a photo in front of the same white background for the past five years. Tian stated later that they took it in their home, where they spent 20 years of their lives. It was a white wall in front of the building where their home was located. They preferred taking these pictures against the white background because it created a special environment for their images, especially in the black and white color scheme. It may look melancholic to some, but for them, it adds a hint of nostalgia every time they see their past photos.


This photo depicts the caring moments a father and son share entirely. They must be happy with the time they have passed together on the beach as their faces appear glowing. How can we forget that this is the first photo that they didn’t take against their customary white background that we have now become accustomed to and somewhat fond of? Change, this means, is always good. However, could it be possible that they want to impart some message through implementing this change? But, this doesn’t appear to something pre-planned. This photo just happened.


For a son, his father is his life’s first hero. Look at how the little guy is firmly gripping at his father, shoulder to shoulder and head to head, don’t the pair looks adorable? They appear so loving towards each other. Perhaps, we weren’t wrong in stating that this man is one of the world’s best father. It’s been so many years that we have been following their journey, and we always notice how much love they have in their eyes. Their body language is enough to prove their infinite affection, love, and trust. His father is indeed his guardian angel for Tian. Someone who’ll always protect him from every harm. This father deserves all the credit because he’s been magnificent all along. He has been a great role model for his son. These photos make us wonder- could there be a relationship as pure and transparent as the one shared by a child and his parents?


Fathers hold our hands for a few years but hold our hearts all our life. This saying fits perfectly with these two individuals. Tian is growing taller and more muscular, having the same charming smile as his father. The father has such love and affection for his son that it conveys just one message to us- he can do anything to protect his son from the hardships of life. On the other hand, he knows very well that a time will arrive when he will have to allow his son to fly away. We can sense reasonably well that the father wants to send the message that his son is the most precious thing. The pride and joy on their faces are enough to convince them that a father-son bond is the strongest of all relationships. No one can ever break this bond. We certainly should never even try to do that. What do you think?


The little Tian we all have grown fond of is now almost a man. He’s a big boy now and becoming bigger every year. He’s slowly but surely getting into the phase of a young adult. He looks mature and serious than in his earlier pictures. The way he’s carrying himself indicates that he definitely gained an immense amount of self-confidence as this time he hangs his hands around his father as if trying to protect him. Isn’t it strange that there comes a time when the roles are reversed between parents and their children, as the boy is sort of his father’s guardian now? At least, this photo shows this. The father’s look and body language show that he’s fully aware of the mental and physical changes his son is going through and that he’s ready to enter adulthood.


By the time someone realizes that his father’s bits of advice was right on point, the time is gone to benefit from this realization. But that’s not the case with Tian and his father. Here we see a confident father-son duo. Their untarnished closeness in this photo assures us that their bond is way more substantial than what we assume. Their relationship is balanced and stable because their pictures together impart extraordinary vibes exuding confidence and safety. It seems as if their presence is all that they need to be content in life. Who knows, this could even be true. The most important lesson we all can learn is that sense of confidence and safety are the two fundamental things that a parent needs to instill in his child’s mind. Tian’s dad has done that phenomenally well!!


Did you notice something peculiar about this photo? In this picture from 1997, Tian is standing with his back towards his father. You might say what’s so strange about this picture. Well, this is for the first time that he’s changed his pose. What does it mean? Is he trying to defy the norm or trying to add variety and versatility in his photos? Perhaps, this indicates that he, after all, is a next-gen male. Today’s generation wants to break free, explore new horizons, and prefer unconventional over traditions. Or there’s some deeper meaning to this sudden change!

In this picture, we assume that the dad is trying to reassure his son that he’s got his back no matter what happens. He was, is, and will be for him forever. Tian is growing bigger and stronger every year. All prepared to take life by the horns. And his father is always there watching over him.


The son is a grown-up man now. His father cannot carry him like he used to do a few years back. He’s taller than his father. Within a year, we see so much difference in the son’s appearance. It is indeed unbelievable how time flies by so quickly. But what if the dad cannot hold his son, he can still put his arms around him. A son can never grow older than his parents, and he’s will always need support, whether it is financial, emotional, or physical. The thing is that the type of support changes as we age. Initially, a child needs physical support, then as he grows, he needs emotional support, and at the later stages, financial support to shape up his career. Parents never stop caring for their babies, even when they become grandparents.


From this photo, we assume that a father is trying to keep his son away from the dangers of the utterly competitive, fierce, and menacing world where he can trust no one and nothing. Another noticeable aspect of this photo is the overall change in the boy’s body language. It seems as if he’s trying to tell us that ‘Hey! My dad is the best in the world, and he’ll always be around for me!” How his hand is proudly resting around his dad’s neck shows that he wants the world to know that he’s proud of his father. In part, he is claiming that he owes his security and want to protect the most important figure in his life- his father, who gave him the strength, power, and resources to keep going forward.


Many of us overlook the significance of parents, particularly fathers, in our lives. Mothers always receive the most amount of love, compassion, and accolade for bringing a child into this world and raising them in a way that they become a productive member of society. Ironically, we seldom acknowledge and appreciate the father’s efforts and sacrifices, who plays an equally significant role in his children’s upbringing. Consider this photo-journey as an ode to all the fathers in the world. The father-son relation is indeed complex as the father invests patience and makes sacrifices so that his child becomes an honest and robust person ready to take on the challenges of life.


The journey of Tian Li and his father reflects love in its purest form. Although he cannot carry his son anymore, he doesn’t even need to, but they still stand next to each other against their customary white background. And, they are still bare-chested. Why do they always photograph themselves in this way? The reason is that on Tian’s first birthday, it was scorching out there, and that’s why the father took such a photo. Later on, they didn’t want to change the pose to keep all their pictures in sync with each other. An interesting trivia is that the father is a keen artist, and for years he taught students at a school. In the interim, he’s been trying his hands on many different things.


Tian Li doesn’t need to worry about adult problems and the complexities of life. He’s got his father. He is in his arms, and the world seems a happy and peaceful place. Look at how tightly and lovingly the father has wrapped his hands around his son as if he doesn’t want to let him grow up. But, he cannot stop the inevitable, can he? We can already see the manly muscles and body of the son. He’s grown up and become an adult man.

On the other hand, the father has gained some weight, and his waist seems larger. It seems like the years are catching upon him. After all, he’s 43-years-old in this picture. Now both are the same height. So, will Tian outgrow his father? Only the next photo can tell!


Yes, indeed! Our prediction, in the beginning, did come true. The son has grown taller than his father. At 17, he has become so tall that he is towering over his dad. The father must be feeling proud of his son. To show his affection and admiration, he is holding Tian by the shoulders. Throughout their photo-journey, we haven’t seen many variations in the background. But this photo from 2003 is different as the wall is decorated with bill posters. Like always, the pair is looking straight at the camera. The next year may bring some changes as Tian will reach his life’s most significant milestone- he will be 18 in 2004.


Welcome to adulthood! With a Bruce Lee-inspired haircut, Tian is now an adult, and he definitely looks like one. He is ready to spread his wings and fly. His father is going to miss him for sure. We are sure. Given their strong bond, Tian will return to his nest every year. But, why don’t we ever see his mother in any of the pictures? Perhaps, she’s the one taking all those photos for so many years. Does it look unfair to you that it’s always the father and the son appearing in the photos? Well, we think it’s not unfair at all because the primary theme of these pictures is the bond between a father and his son.


Here you can see an all grown up Tian. He is a bit mature now and has many dreams in his eyes that he wants to transform into a reality. Slowly, Tian is turning into a reflection of his father. The only difference between them is that Tian is taller than his father and is usually experimenting with new haircuts. We wonder whether he returned home to take this photo as he cannot afford to change the background, or are they standing in the son’s apartment? We are touched that these two men never tried to stop their family tradition of taking this photo every year. Their journey together has many lifelong lessons for us. The most important one is the significance of parents in our lives.


We cannot determine who’s who because both men look identical in this picture. It is hard for you to tell which one is the father and which one is the son. Two years back, Tian got enrolled at the Beijing Film Academy. In an interview he gave to CNN, Tian said that studying film making was among the biggest milestones in his life and a transitioning period. This reveals he wants to become a film director after finishing his studies. While he was studying, Tian would return to his family home during spring breaks and took the photos, which have become viral. All their photos were taken in the summers, which is why they’re always half-naked.


We sense a different vibe in this picture. They are standing in front of a window while we are used to the plain, white background that every previous photo of theirs featured. Sources claim that this particular photo was taken in winters, soon after Tian graduated from college. It must be cold outside then, but since they had to keep their family tradition alive, they still took the photo bare-chested. Tian Li clarified that this photo was taken inside his parents’ house at night. We are still in awe of the works of nature. The duo looks so identical to each other. There’s minimal difference between the father and the son’s appearance. They are undoubtedly the spitting image of each other.  Now that Tian has graduated, what’s next?


We still are in awe of the resemblance between their looks and appearance. Tian is a handsome young adult now. So many years have gone by. Still, the two haven’t missed an opportunity to take their yearly photo. Many things have changed since the pair started this interesting family ritual. However, the one thing that has remained the same is their love for each other and the incredible persistence both have shown over the years to take the same photo. Tian is now in his late 20s, and the father is in his 50s.


We are sure that this is a new venue and it could be the son’s own place. Why isn’t this possible? He’s an adult now and must have made his career in his desired field of work. They are on the brink of a new decade, and you would agree that as the son is growing older, he resembles his father more than ever. Their embrace and the love they have for each other is still the same while many other things have changed, such as the background. Do you miss the plain white wall? Well, we don’t!


The father turned 50 this year. He looks older than how he looked in the first couple of photos. Still, he’s the same amount of love for his son. His eyes tell it all. And the son shares the same sentiment as his eyes are also gleaming with affection and love for his father. They value each other’s company for sure. This is an essential lesson for all of us. We live our lives in the fast lane without stopping for some time to appreciate what is most valuable for us- the unconditional love of our parents. This Chinese family has taught us how interesting traditions can make a difference in our relationships.


Look at these men. Don’t they look like mirror images of each other? Tian is 25 now, and his father is 52. Time literally flew by quickly. Now the time has come for Tian Li to make some crucial life decisions, such as finding a wife. Knowing that you have your family by your side always is such a great feeling. You are always prepared to take on the challenges of life simply because you know that there’s someone to support you when the going gets tough.


Tian indeed has a special place in life for his dad. Both look so at-peace in this photo. The young man is resting his hand around the father’s shoulders so casually and even leaning gently against him. The dad’s face is beaming with joy and pride. His child is an adult who’s trying to build a career for himself and trying to prove that all his efforts eventually paid off. He did grow up into a fine young man. Now that we are nearing the conclusion of their admirable photo-journey, the one thing  we believe is the crux of their journey is their undying love for each other.


Tian’s father taught him to believe in his dreams and have faith in his abilities. He also gave him roots and wings so that he could fly. And, that’s exactly what he’s doing now. This photo depicts role reversal, another inevitable aspect of any life journey. Now the father is hanging his hands around the son. It looks as if the son is carrying him. There’s something special about this photo because, for the first time, the son looks in-control of his life and is ready to give back to his parents. Though many new challenges await this man but his strongest support system, his father, is always there.


2014 portrait of the duo is missing because that year, Tian Li was living in the United States and was We cannot help but cry after looking at this photo. Here we see another child. Any guesses who could he be? Well, no prizes for guessing, it’s Tian’s son. He’s a father now, and the father has become a grandfather. That’s an incredibly emotional yet inspiring closure to their moving journey. Photographs like these stir us emotionally because we get nostalgic and are reminded of the years gone by. Around 30 years back, a Chinese man became a father, and now his son is a father. They look happy together. That’s the circle of life. The father is old now, the son is an adult, and there is a new life between them. This is one big happy family. What a beautiful way to end their fantastic photo-journey.


He is a Chinese director, screenwriter, and actor.