The Best Cup of Coffee Recipe for Your Daily Fix

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With inflation skyrocketing and the cost of good coffee beans increasing by 25%… we’ve took on the task of finding out what makes a perfect cup of coffee? Well that really depends on your taste. Some love an entire menu of add-ons to their cup of joe… others, like it simple, black and strong. We took a survey of family and friends in our office, and we believe we’ve got the perfect recipe for that oh so perfect cup of coffee, made a home. This recipe has been tried and tested to be fool proof and awesome.

Ahhh, that bitter-sweet taste of Caffeine… life could have been so incomplete without it. ☕️

We are pretty sure your day has no meaning without that warm cup of coffee…Life Before Corona….and as you know we’re not talking about the Mexican beer. Before China “gifted” the world the gift that gives on giving… this whole 2019 pandemic fiasco created havoc in our lives, life was so simple and was everything was so easy. You would stop by a coffee shop in the morning to get your usual coffee fix and refuel once again at the office.

Then things changed; isolation and quarantine became the new norm…and now we’re presented with the high cost of living so coffee run splurges are no longer the norm. So it is time for change, whether we like it or not. Let’s Be the Change! Sort of… after all we’re just talking about coffee. The new norm of not getting our shot of coffee from the café down the street didn’t settle well with us. Did it for you? Nay… right???

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Looking for the Ultimate Coffee Recipe

We had to do something, so without wasting any time, we started researching on two things. 

  1. Top-rated coffee blends
  2. A high rated coffee pot


We purchased several different blends to try them out that are readily available. The first one we tried made us look no further. Cafe Du Monde’s Coffee and Chicory won our heart with its silky, velvety consistency coupled with the flavorful chocolatiness that just slither down your throat. All in all, the combo offered a delicious cup of coffee at the table. The best part of the blend is that it is available for a little over $8 for 15-ounce ground on Amazon.

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